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What is Lean Six Sigma and why you need it
There are two prominent gaps in the process improvement space.

1. Many of the companies who need people with key skills that are necessary for their business can’t afford them.

2. Many of the people who possess the key skills that are necessary for businesses are looking for higher income and growth opportunity.

As you can see these two needs actually oppose each other. Lean Sigma Pros LLC was created to solve this conundrum.

Businesses can now afford consulting services to solve their business issues. The cost of Lean Sigma Pros services is substantially lower than hiring a full time expert. Think of it this way, let’s say you need a van to transport people every once in a while. Do you buy it? Sure it would be nice to have it on hand at all times, but there’s a cost to that convenience. You’ll have loan payments, insurance, fuel, and maintenance costs. If you really look at what you need it for you’ll find that you don’t actually need it all the time. You need it for those key times. So why pay for the unproductive time? It makes more sense to rent it occasionally.

This is exactly what’s happening with process improvement experts. Many companies are trying to hire experts but simply can’t afford it. Using a consultant is like renting the expertise that you need. As an added benefit, you don’t have to deal with all the additional management of workers compensation, health insurance, unemployment, holiday, vacation, sickness, retirement benefits, etc.

So now that we established that consulting makes more sense it’s time to find out why you should choose Lean Sigma Pros. We are fundamentally different than our competitors.

We specialize in Lean Sigma, Business Process Improvement. When you do just one thing, you are naturally better at it. Our major competitors consult on just about everything in business. While this seems nice, they can do everything right? Yes, but how good are they really? Think of them as generalists and us as specialists. Who would you rather go to if your life depended on it?

Here’s another reason we are fundamentally different. Since we are more experienced we can be more efficient. We know what tools and methods to use precisely when they are most effective. This not only saves you time and money, it also makes things easier and less stressful for everyone. So would you rather have someone cut to the chase or someone who drags on and on?

Lastly, what sets us apart is our consultants are happier! We see them as our business partners and give them the highest amount of freedom and growth opportunity in the industry. Why would that be important to you? Think about when you were happy to do something and how much more effort you put into it. You’ll get exceptional service from Lean Sigma Pros because our consultants are happy to help. Lean Sigma Pros is here to help your business be more profitable. We make process improvement easy and affordable. We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation. Make an appointment today.

-Thomas Warren, Founder Lean Sigma Pros LLC

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